Friday, June 29, 2012

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Hey guys. Did you know that I am basically all over this place? Follow me on the following sites:

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Sorry, but Facebook is off limits. That's reserved for friends and family. That being said, follow me on any of these other sites! Chances are, I will follow back. :)

<3 Ashley

Welcome :)

From a young age I was very concerned about what I wore and it was very clear to everyone who knew me that I was going to grow up into quite a picky fashion critic. I am currently in the very unnerving position of college student on a budget...yikes! That means I will be focusing more on my survival away from the comfort of the nest rather than spending copious amounts at my favorite stores. Looks like it is time to get innovative with what I already have.

I have always loved fashion, beauty and writing. I have decided to keep a blog to document all of my interesting finds and epiphanies of the summer before one of the biggest steps in life. Hopefully I will be able to maintain it through the impending bulldozer load of work waiting for me on the other side of August. I will discuss everything interesting, not just fashion. It just so happens that I do also love reading and venturing beyond my purple walls into a world just full of so many interesting people and places.

Well, you have made it through the first post. Do I have you yet? If not, just give me a chance.

<3 Ashley

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