Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Thoughts

So yesterday was the day that Pittsburgh decided to show it’s true colors (gray) to get be back into the swing of things. I had forgotten just how erratic the weather here could be. One hour it would rain, then the sun would come out, then it would rain some more, then the skies would open up and unleash some heavy rain. I found myself caught in the rain at one point too (note to self: just start carrying umbrella all the time!)

In order to get up the hill to my dorm and anticipate going out again an hour and a half later for my next class I had to go to my happy place. You know, that place you go to whenever things aren’t going your way and you have to leave reality behind a bit. Where exactly is my happy place, you ask?

What’s up, Aruba? Doesn’t it just look nice, relaxing and sunny? And look…friendly flamingos welcoming you to the beach.

<3 Ashley

Where’s your happy place?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dorm Decor: Round Two

For the most part, my dorm is done and ready to be lived in. There are still a few things left to get on my shopping list (mental note: buy hole punch!) Despite being smaller than last year's dorm--just a bit--I do appreciate the existence of air conditioning, fridge, microwave and private bathroom. Her are some pictures of the room (at least, my part of the room!)

So, I know that it may look like my walls are a little empty, but I kind of actually like it! What would bother me is if I had too much on the walls. Of course I think it looks empty just because the ceiling is so high (the perks of living on the top floor!) You can also see my little DIY board that worked on one rainy day this summer; I thought it would be nice to hang my jewelry on. 

<3 Ashley

How would you/have you decorated your space for the school year?

Monday, August 26, 2013

My BTS Outfit

First day back to classes = complete! Not a bad way to begin it either; I am very confident that this semester will be a successful one! I’ve signed up for a bunch of clubs, gotten all my course material in order and even started making some new friends (crying, shaking and screaming over a 15 sec. NSYNC reunion at the VMAs can do that!)

Last week I introduced you to some other bloggers who shared with you their back-to-school styles and some other styling tips. So today, I feel it’s only right to share my first day of class outfit (yet another post where I try to be a fashion blogger but kind of fall short…I’ll leave the full time stuff to the experts)

Remember the Wear It Loud promotion I did with rue21? I brought back out that black chiffon and leather vest with a white cami, some skinnies and a pair of black flats which I have to rave about! They are the Ona flats from Mossimo at Target and oh my Lord are they comfortable! I had been eye-ing them for awhile and a friend told me about how she got them for work and they were super comfortable. I recommend them!

<3 Ashley

Have you put together your back-to-school outfit? What is your style for BTS this year? Did anyone else lose their minds completely watching JT at the VMAs last night?

Friday, August 23, 2013


Happy Friday, everyone! 

This was a very busy week for me but I am finally moved into my dorm and settled! I hope you enjoy the guest posts this week; I will be doing my own first day outfit post on Monday, so keep a look out for that. I will also do a short blog about my dorm this year--I am very pleased with how everything looks! But for now I will close out the week in true ATG fashion with my favorite pins this week:









Have a great weekend!

<3 Ashley

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guest Post: Transitioning From Summer to Fall

Today is the final day of the back-to-school guest blogger series (tomorrow is move-in day and I doubt I will have time to hit publish on anything!) Today Hannah and Taylor from Fearless Fashion of Tomorrow--how great is that name?!--are sharing their tips for taking your closet from summer to fall. 

Summer is the time to chill out and throw on anything that will take the heat and be super comfortable to last those long, warm days. 
Transition to fall, when lazy summer days are over! 
Cue adorable floral patterns, pants, cardigans, and lastly the very trendy high-low skirt! 
Although this skirt (from Forever 21) was a huge staple and trend this summer, you can easily transition it into fall by adding a favorite cardigan, a simple tank or tee, grabbing a cute necklace, and bam! But don't forget the super cute sandals! A super put together outfit that doesn't break the bank. 

Circle or skater skirts, whatever you would like to call them, were also a huge trend this summer! Sported here is a denim one (from Target) that is both comfortable and adorable! Bonus. It's also paired with a white crochet lace tank (from Forever 21) which is also a favorite summer item of mine, because it is super versatile! I made this back to school appropriate by adding a long cardigan over the ensemble and throwing on my black converse. 

We hope you guys found this post helpful in making your summer wardrobe fall appropriate! 

Thanks again to Taylor & Hannah for writing today's post! How great are these outfits? I am especially in love with Hannah's hi-lo skirt.

<3 Ashley

What items in your closet will you be taking from summer to fall? You can check out the other guest posts from this week: from The Styletographer and PattyGraceKelly!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Post: Back to School Style

Today for the back-to-school style series on ATG, I have recruited Patty from PattyGraceKelly to share her back to school style with you! Patty is a student in Germany who is looking forward to university life. She blogs about everything from school, to style and beauty. I definitely recommend giving her blog a look!

Dear readers from All That Glitters

When lovely Ashley asked me if I would like to write a guest post on her blog for the back to school series I did not need time to think about and said "yes."  Not only because I personally enjoy reading her blog but also because I love the Back 2 School time: going shopping for new clothes, school supplies etc. is so much fun. Moreover, I feel like whenever a new year of school or college starts I tend to change my style. Okay, maybe not really changing it but reinforce it!
For me, a new school year is a year with more experiences, confidence and knowledge. Not only when it comes to studying but also with putting outfits together. So I am really glad to be able writing this guest post and sharing my school style experiences with you--at least my wishlist for fashion clothings I would die to buy.

1. Back 2 School: Uniform
Whenever I see Gossip Girl (the first few seasons) or Gilmore Girls I wish my school would be a school with uniforms, too, because I really like the look of it. It is classy, chic and helpful.  I mean, would not it be super relaxing when you are in a hurry and do not have to worry what to wear because you have a uniform? I bet there are more pro arguments for uniforms but this one is a sure one. Moreover, with cute details like jewelry, nail polishes or backpacks you can add the something exra to the look. See my example with the light blue accessories.

2. Back 2 School Outfit: Two Ways
For this outfit or outfits I wanted to show how to rock the navy blue and red color palette. I think that the marine trend is perfect for school and college/university because it is cute, comfy and easy to style.
All in all, I take care to wear outfits to school which are comfortable with the something extra. I often find myself leaving for school with simple Jeans and a sweater on or a T-shirt if it is summer. However, for this school year, which is also my last school year before I go to university, I will try to be even more polished with my outfits!

My last words here will be some thank you notes to Ashley giving me the opportunity writing for her blog and to you reading my few lines. I felt honored writing here.


I found the first part especially interesting! From 1st-8th grade I wore a school uniform that I would have loved to accessorize a bit more! Great ideas, Patty! 

<3 Ashley

Have you had to wear a school uniform? How would you accessorize to make it more YOU? You can also check out yesterday's guest post from The Styletographer on how to style an amazing back-to-school look!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Guest Post >>> Styling Tips: Back to School

This week is the week I move into my dorm out at Pitt. Because I am going to be so busy shopping, gathering and packing I have recruited a few bloggers to share their back-to-school styles with you. Today we are hearing from the girls over at The Styletographer (written by 3 best friends living in Mexico!) on how to style the perfect back-to-school look!

Nobody likes breathing the last breeze of summer, especially when school is just around the corner and our normal routine is about to start; but getting back to normal is fun too, especially because you get a new chance to show off a very cool school style!
Sometimes we get very lazy to dress up for school, we tend to think it is time to pull out our AE pants and hoodies or our polo shirts because we don't want to make any effort to look classy or put together. Today we are going to give you some really simple tips to put up a nice outfit and have everything ready to start your new year!

1. Pick covetable blouses: choose nice and pretty tops with something special, that way is not necessary to wear a lot of accessories!
2. Natural makeup: if your face is very nice and you don't need makeup you are lucky! But if you like to wear makeup, wear it naturally! Remember, a good makeup Is the one you cannot see!
3. Big Back-Pack: personally, I rather use a big fashionable bag, but anything works! Just think of all the things you have to carry and the time you will be carrying it!

4. Comfy shoes: sometimes moving from campus to campus or class to class could take you a lot of time! Is better to always wear shoes which you can move, run and walk around! Tip: if you have a presentation and you need heels, carry some flats so you can exchange them in the inter!

5. Hairdos: there are infinite of do's, easy and simple! So you don't have any excuse to wear the "I just woke up" look anymore!

6. Don't use short clothes! You are going to school, not the beach, remember you have to wear your clothes tight enough to show your figure but loose enough to show your a lady!
Hope you find these tips useful and put them on work!! Xoxo
The styletographers

Once again, thank you to the styletographers for writing today's post! Stay tuned for another blogger tomorrow!!

<3 Ashley

How do you style your perfect back to school outfit?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Concert Style

Top || Bag || Shorts || Sandals || Sunglasses

Tonight is one of those nights that I've been waiting all summer for: Matchbox Twenty/Goo Goo Dolls concert in Hershey! Woot woot! I've been doing my usual prep listening to only their music and trying to get acquainted with the newer music. But also, I have been trying to figure out what to wear to the show tonight! The climate isn't really helping me much either; it's been kind of cool here in August (hottest month my foot!) In fact it was in the mid-50s this morning for my run! This is an outside show too; I am hoping that the early evening isn't going to be as cool as this morning was. I still don't have a definite outfit, but I do have a general idea: light t-shirt/tank top, shorts, sandals, sunglasses and small crossbody bag.

Have a great night everybody! I'm sure I will have many pictures on Instagram.

<3 Ashley

What is you summer concert style?

P.S. You can shop my closet now at Stylitics! You can click on the link or access it through the button in my sidebar.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Freshman 15

Photo: here

No, this is not a list of tips to help you achieve your goals of gaining the “Freshman 15.” You’ll have to go somewhere else for that! This is a list of my 15 tips for college freshman--since I am a college sophomore and am totally qualified to give my imput! I know I did a smaller tips post earlier this summer, I think some of those tips ended up here as well. Consider this my official tip list.

1. Don’t fret about overpacking. You’ve never lived in a dorm before; who knows what all you will really need? I don’t know you so I can’t even tell you what YOU need. This is the year you pack to much, realize what you don’t need at all and leave it at home next time around.

2. You’re responsible for you. My parents told me about a meeting they had at my school while I was enrolling in my classes: the message being that professors and even advisors are not our parents. In college you are the one responsible for getting your credits, waking up on time, eating right and showing up to class everyday.

3. Be careful with your money. If there is one valuable lesson college has taught me it is how to be frugal. Food is provided on campus with a meal plan (you don’t have to go out every night!) and the clothes in your closet will definitely get you through the semester if you just get creative.

4. Look into employment while in school. I know the work load can be on the heavy side, but this is our gateway into the real world; you need to be able to juggle. Don’t worry if you can’t get a job freshman year (I didn’t!) But if you are looking for more spending money you should look at it as an option.

5. Talk to your roommate. I feel like the awkward period of “Do I really like you?” is kind of inevitable, but you really do need to talk things through. The reality is that you are sharing a small living space for 8 months. Do you really want to walk into an awkward and tense atmosphere everyday after a stressful class?

6. Don’t be afraid to go it alone. I will admit to being one of those people who need to be with a group out in public at the risk of looking sad and lonely. But during my freshman year I got over that. All of my friends had different classes with different study schedules so I often found myself making solo trips to the museum or Panera. It’s no big deal! It gives you some time alone with yourself.

7. Know your breaking point (stress!) It’s no secret that college is can be difficult and at times a bit stressful. It is your job to know when enough is enough. There is no harm in walking away from a study session to take a breather and re-gather your thoughts. You’re not the only one who does it!

8. Comfort zone. While it’s good to break out of your comfort zone once in awhile for the sake of exploration, don’t allow yourself to feel too pressured to do something. You are allowed to say “no” and no one should judge you for it; and if they do, so what? Were you seeking their approval in the first place?

9. The actual “Freshman 15.” I know you’ve all heard the stories of people taking their food freedom too far and gaining some extra lbs. I will have you know that I made it the whole year without gaining the weight. It’s called self-control people! The healthy lifestyle shouldn’t stop for college students!

10. Greek life. While I never made an effort to join a sorority some of the girls I know did and enjoy it. Some did it for the experience, because other women in their family did, or because of their major. I think the one big turn off for me was the fact that you have to pay like $300-$400 to join. It wasn’t worth it in my mind. But if it is for you, go for it! I’ve heard good things.

11. Shop around. Textbooks are obnoxiously expensive and the school bookstore has no problem screwing you out of everything your worth. The internet has been my shining savior. Amazon has great prices for used books (and some books are available on the Kindle!) and Chegg has some lower prices on new textbooks as well if you need to buy new (for web-codes and such like)

12. Keep tabs on your laundry. If their was one saga in my dorm last year, it revolved around laundry. Wash for a half hour and dry for a full hour. You better be their to grab your clothes otherwise someone else will do it for you. I personally don’t like people touching my clothes so if you know you’re going to be a little late, leave a note saying so with your number in case someone really needs the machine.

13. Invest in extra storage. Storage can be limited in a dorm room. I hit the jackpot last year with closet space (walk-in, baby!) but this year I only get a wardrobe and a few drawers. Buy some bins to store clothes and shoes that aren’t in season yet and store them under your bed to save yourself some space.

14. Get involved on campus. Everyone says it because it’s totally true! My campus is a massive one and there is no way to get to know everyone. But if you are out to meet people and maybe make a few friends join some clubs and organizations that interest you. They have of course school government, clubs within majors, sports, and some quirky ones--Quidditch anyone?

15. Always show up to class! Do I need to explain this one?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Club: Beautiful Ruins

photo above contains small excerpt from 'Someday, Someday Maybe' by Lauren Graham. Check out my post on that one here.

A few weeks ago, I was going through the vast space that is the internet and rediscovered Lauren Conrad’s Summer Reading post. I scrolled through all of the book options, adding each one to my Amazon wishlist. One that I was able to get on my Kindle through the library was Jess Walter's “Beautiful Ruins.” Boy did I love this book!

Image: here

Overall, it is a love story that takes place on an Italian coastal port. The characters are a mix of fictional and real (actor Richard Burton has a substantial role and Liz Taylor is mentioned over and over.) The story is set in the 1960s during the time that the film Cleopatra--starring both Burton and Taylor--is in production in Rome. Another actress from the film, Dee Moray, is sent away to a village on the coast while she is recovering from an illness (this is a huge conflict itself in the book, but I won’t ruin it for you!) There she spends a few days in the Hotel Adequate View owned by a young man named Pasquale who cannot help but fall for her beauty. Her stay, however, doesn’t last very long due to some very Hollywood scandals.

In this novel, the time period and setting are constantly changing from chapter to chapter--most take place in Italy in 1962 and present day Los Angeles where Pasquale has traveled all these years later to find Dee Moray. This changing is not a bad thing, I found. I think it allowed the author to really cover all her bases with character backstories and allow the audience to really learn about what all these characters have had to go through over time and what makes them the way they are. I thought that despite all the time travel, the book still maintained fluidity and made perfect sense to me. I would definitely recommend “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter.

<3 Ashley

Will you read “Beautiful Ruins?” What books are on your reading list?

Friday, August 9, 2013


Happy Friday, everyone!

Happy it is indeed--today is my last day of work before school starts! Then next week is quite eventful! I am going to the Matchbox Twenty/Goo Goo Dolls concert in Hershey next Wednesday and then on Thursday I am roadtripping to a friend's house in eastern PA to spend the day with her and a few of our other friends. Of course I also have to start getting things together for move-in day which is just two weeks away. I have something very special planned for the week of move-in day so that the blog will be updated even though I will be so busy running around and getting things together; stay tuned!

Here are my pins to wrap up this week!








All items taken from Pinterest

Have a lovely weekend!!

<3 Ashley

Do you have anything fun planned?
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