Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Post: Back to School Style

Today for the back-to-school style series on ATG, I have recruited Patty from PattyGraceKelly to share her back to school style with you! Patty is a student in Germany who is looking forward to university life. She blogs about everything from school, to style and beauty. I definitely recommend giving her blog a look!

Dear readers from All That Glitters

When lovely Ashley asked me if I would like to write a guest post on her blog for the back to school series I did not need time to think about and said "yes."  Not only because I personally enjoy reading her blog but also because I love the Back 2 School time: going shopping for new clothes, school supplies etc. is so much fun. Moreover, I feel like whenever a new year of school or college starts I tend to change my style. Okay, maybe not really changing it but reinforce it!
For me, a new school year is a year with more experiences, confidence and knowledge. Not only when it comes to studying but also with putting outfits together. So I am really glad to be able writing this guest post and sharing my school style experiences with you--at least my wishlist for fashion clothings I would die to buy.

1. Back 2 School: Uniform
Whenever I see Gossip Girl (the first few seasons) or Gilmore Girls I wish my school would be a school with uniforms, too, because I really like the look of it. It is classy, chic and helpful.  I mean, would not it be super relaxing when you are in a hurry and do not have to worry what to wear because you have a uniform? I bet there are more pro arguments for uniforms but this one is a sure one. Moreover, with cute details like jewelry, nail polishes or backpacks you can add the something exra to the look. See my example with the light blue accessories.

2. Back 2 School Outfit: Two Ways
For this outfit or outfits I wanted to show how to rock the navy blue and red color palette. I think that the marine trend is perfect for school and college/university because it is cute, comfy and easy to style.
All in all, I take care to wear outfits to school which are comfortable with the something extra. I often find myself leaving for school with simple Jeans and a sweater on or a T-shirt if it is summer. However, for this school year, which is also my last school year before I go to university, I will try to be even more polished with my outfits!

My last words here will be some thank you notes to Ashley giving me the opportunity writing for her blog and to you reading my few lines. I felt honored writing here.


I found the first part especially interesting! From 1st-8th grade I wore a school uniform that I would have loved to accessorize a bit more! Great ideas, Patty! 

<3 Ashley

Have you had to wear a school uniform? How would you accessorize to make it more YOU? You can also check out yesterday's guest post from The Styletographer on how to style an amazing back-to-school look!

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