Tuesday, August 6, 2013

School in the City

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I have always prided myself on having the ability to adjust quickly to change (no matter how much I might complain about the unwanted sort!) When it came time to choose my college I had two schools on very opposite ends of the spectrum: Pitt, an urban school and Bethany College, a smaller school in the mountains of West Virginia. Quite the difference! I loved visiting both schools but after weighing pros and cons I became a Pitt Panther.

I come from a rural area and so the move to Pittsburgh introduced me to city life. I don’t think I was intimidated once! While it was my first time on my own in a city, I welcomed it with open arms. I adapted quickly to public transportation--an adaptation that can be made quickly when it’s FREE transportation. I also accompanied my new found friends on excursions into downtown and the surrounding areas. If I could go back to the night I made my decision, I don’t think I would change my decision…honestly. I think it was really good for me to put myself in a completely different setting for this period.

Here are just a few of the perks I have found to going to school in the city:

- proximity to…everything. Everything is just a walk or bus ride away!
- arts experiences through the school. I don’t know about other schools but Pitt partners with the local museums, performance groups and the PSO (Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra) to offer students different experiences in the arts (many times these are free!)
- free transportation--enough said.
- lots and lots of diversity.

<3 Ashley

What kind of setting do you see yourself in? 

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