Monday, August 19, 2013

Guest Post >>> Styling Tips: Back to School

This week is the week I move into my dorm out at Pitt. Because I am going to be so busy shopping, gathering and packing I have recruited a few bloggers to share their back-to-school styles with you. Today we are hearing from the girls over at The Styletographer (written by 3 best friends living in Mexico!) on how to style the perfect back-to-school look!

Nobody likes breathing the last breeze of summer, especially when school is just around the corner and our normal routine is about to start; but getting back to normal is fun too, especially because you get a new chance to show off a very cool school style!
Sometimes we get very lazy to dress up for school, we tend to think it is time to pull out our AE pants and hoodies or our polo shirts because we don't want to make any effort to look classy or put together. Today we are going to give you some really simple tips to put up a nice outfit and have everything ready to start your new year!

1. Pick covetable blouses: choose nice and pretty tops with something special, that way is not necessary to wear a lot of accessories!
2. Natural makeup: if your face is very nice and you don't need makeup you are lucky! But if you like to wear makeup, wear it naturally! Remember, a good makeup Is the one you cannot see!
3. Big Back-Pack: personally, I rather use a big fashionable bag, but anything works! Just think of all the things you have to carry and the time you will be carrying it!

4. Comfy shoes: sometimes moving from campus to campus or class to class could take you a lot of time! Is better to always wear shoes which you can move, run and walk around! Tip: if you have a presentation and you need heels, carry some flats so you can exchange them in the inter!

5. Hairdos: there are infinite of do's, easy and simple! So you don't have any excuse to wear the "I just woke up" look anymore!

6. Don't use short clothes! You are going to school, not the beach, remember you have to wear your clothes tight enough to show your figure but loose enough to show your a lady!
Hope you find these tips useful and put them on work!! Xoxo
The styletographers

Once again, thank you to the styletographers for writing today's post! Stay tuned for another blogger tomorrow!!

<3 Ashley

How do you style your perfect back to school outfit?

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