Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guest Post: Transitioning From Summer to Fall

Today is the final day of the back-to-school guest blogger series (tomorrow is move-in day and I doubt I will have time to hit publish on anything!) Today Hannah and Taylor from Fearless Fashion of Tomorrow--how great is that name?!--are sharing their tips for taking your closet from summer to fall. 

Summer is the time to chill out and throw on anything that will take the heat and be super comfortable to last those long, warm days. 
Transition to fall, when lazy summer days are over! 
Cue adorable floral patterns, pants, cardigans, and lastly the very trendy high-low skirt! 
Although this skirt (from Forever 21) was a huge staple and trend this summer, you can easily transition it into fall by adding a favorite cardigan, a simple tank or tee, grabbing a cute necklace, and bam! But don't forget the super cute sandals! A super put together outfit that doesn't break the bank. 

Circle or skater skirts, whatever you would like to call them, were also a huge trend this summer! Sported here is a denim one (from Target) that is both comfortable and adorable! Bonus. It's also paired with a white crochet lace tank (from Forever 21) which is also a favorite summer item of mine, because it is super versatile! I made this back to school appropriate by adding a long cardigan over the ensemble and throwing on my black converse. 

We hope you guys found this post helpful in making your summer wardrobe fall appropriate! 

Thanks again to Taylor & Hannah for writing today's post! How great are these outfits? I am especially in love with Hannah's hi-lo skirt.

<3 Ashley

What items in your closet will you be taking from summer to fall? You can check out the other guest posts from this week: from The Styletographer and PattyGraceKelly!

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