Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dorm Decor: Round Two

For the most part, my dorm is done and ready to be lived in. There are still a few things left to get on my shopping list (mental note: buy hole punch!) Despite being smaller than last year's dorm--just a bit--I do appreciate the existence of air conditioning, fridge, microwave and private bathroom. Her are some pictures of the room (at least, my part of the room!)

So, I know that it may look like my walls are a little empty, but I kind of actually like it! What would bother me is if I had too much on the walls. Of course I think it looks empty just because the ceiling is so high (the perks of living on the top floor!) You can also see my little DIY board that worked on one rainy day this summer; I thought it would be nice to hang my jewelry on. 

<3 Ashley

How would you/have you decorated your space for the school year?

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