Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wear It Loud w/ rue21 + Contest

The other day I was sent a $50 gift card by rue21 and given the opportunity to go on a shopping spree. The goal of this trip was to pick out an outfit that allowed me to ‘wearing it loud.’ What exactly do I mean by ‘wear it loud?’ I don’t so much mean wearing bright colors and bold prints, but rather wearing YOU. Back to school outfits are always a big deal even if you say it’s not. How many of us have been up the night before with our roommates or friends via Skype comparing what’s in our closets and asking for opinions? Even in college I have found myself going through this routine; before the first day of classes my roommate and I were in our dorm holding outfits up in front of the mirror saying phrases like “Is this too much?” “What shoes go with this?” and “Is this too high school?”

The first day of school outfit is your first impression. You can show everyone your personality with just one outfit. That’s what ‘Wear It Loud’ means. Show off your personality loud and proud! In my turn about the store I came upon this black chiffon vest with leather details and blush skater dress that I thought would look great. I personally tend more towards lighter, pastel colors because they feel very lovely and ladylike to me, but I could not say no when I was in the dressing room and saw the vest over top of the dress; it gave it just a little bit of an edge that I like to think that I have but don’t really show off too often. If you have been following my blog and style posts for awhile you know that I am not one for tons of accessories and I rarely wear jewelry. I believe in making a statement with just a few things paired together. You’ll notice in my pictures here that my only accessories really are my sunglasses and just a few gold bracelets.

So, this is me…wearing it loud. Now it’s your turn; you have an opportunity to enter the Wear It Loud contest hosted by rue21. Just comment below answering the question ‘How do you wear it loud?’ also include your email so I can contact you if you are winner or a runner up. Runners up will receive a $100 rue21 gift card (do some back to school shopping!) and the winner will receive a $250 rue21 shopping spree with yours truly :D Follow the link here and make sure to read up on all of the contest rules and prize details. Can’t wait to read all of your responses!!

<3 Ashley

How do you wear it loud? Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you!! Rules ----> here

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