Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Beauty Essentials

I've talked so much about summer-y accessories and maxi dresses but I haven't given much attention to beauty--namely skin care. I'm not much of a skin pro, but I do know what has worked for my skin and so today I will share the few products that I use during the summer. Basically what you see here...this is it. I don't use much else besides face wash (twice a day followed by moisturizer!) In the mornings before I put on any make-up--if any!--I apply primer and foundation. I keep a bottle of Evian Mineral Water spray in my bag in case I feel my face getting a little gross from the humidity. And don't forget the SPF! I've done well with the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch and it has a nicer scent than most sunscreens.

<3 Ashley

What beauty products do you use during the summer?

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