Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Style: My Favorite Summer Pieces

Dress || Skirt

A few weeks ago I took my first shopping trip in awhile--college has inspired a kind of thriftiness in me! Anyway I just wanted to pick out some things to take to the beach. I am very proud of all of my purchases especially my Captain America tee. But there are two pieces that I had been looking at for awhile and debated getting (and of course I did get them!) The one is a maxi dress by Margot + Sebastian and the other is a floral high-low skirt by Joe Benbasset. Both can be purchased at Kohl's. The skirt also comes in solid black and solid white but the floral one is the one that caught my eye. These two will definitely be coming to the beach with me!

<3 Ashley

What are your favorite pieces to wear this summer?

You can shop these pieces and other in my closet at Stylitics. Click here to access my page or click on the Stylitics widget in the sidebar.

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