Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Style

So I noticed that recently haven't done a lot of style posts--which I used to be committed to doing at least once a week. Anyway, since I seem to be supremely overdue for one I thought, "What better day than today?" My summer style is really nothing fancy or anything to be completely falling over...but I think I do alright ;) I get pretty simple and wear a lot of basics; it's not like fall/winter where I get creative with layering and scarves and such. While it may be basic, I always like to have an accessory to catch the eye. Currently I am loving my chiffon floral headwrap from Forever 21 (it's $3.80 so get on that!) I like it best with a white or off-white top and dark shorts or, as I am currently wearing it, my coral capris.

You can shop this look and other outfits and pieces in my closet on Stylitics. Check out my profile here or you can access it by clicking on the widget in the sidebar!

<3 Ashley

What does your summer style look like? What kind of accessories do you go for?

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