Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Been Real, It's Been Fun...

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...and it has most definitely been real fun! I'm officially back home from school for the next four months. Sophomore year was definitely the best one yet! My roommate and I spent our last night together reminiscing about the year and how great it really was. We expanded our friend group and added some guys to it--an accomplishment that we are probably the most excited about. We are already excited to get back for junior and get the fun started with everyone again! We have already discussed the first week back and having a couple of dinners and outings before classes start.

But that is all four months away. I have this summer to look forward to; and I am definitely looking forward to it! Since I have been home I have been unpacking (still not done!) and applying for jobs. Hopefully I can get some work soon because boy do I need to start saving for junior year! Having apartment style living and a minimal meal plans means plenty of grocery shopping. I do not really have any huge plans for the summer, but I kind of like that. It will be nice, relaxing and laidback. Before we left, my roommate and I agreed that we were going to take this summer to work on ourselves. For me that means I'm really going to focus on being healthy--back to morning runs and cooking some great food! I also really want to do a lot of reading. I have downloaded some new books to my Kindle and am very excited about sitting on the deck and spending my afternoon reading through them.

While I am getting antsy for junior year (when is it appropriate to start a countdown?) I am also anticipating a great summer spent the way that I want to spend it!

<3 Ashley

How excited are you for the summer? Do you have any plans?

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