Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nail Art

I know, I know. It is the weekend and I usually do not spend my weekends blogging. But I find myself here at 10:44 at night with nothing to do. So I decided to venture into new waters with my nails. Remember my ombre attempt? This time I did something that I absolutely NEVER do just because I do not have the steadiest hand when it comes to applying nail polish.

This time around I worked with designs. Usually I tend toward a solid color, but I have been getting into the school spirit and decided to incorporate my school colors (and just in time for our first home football game next weekend!)

That's right! Look at me being daring. It actually came out a lot better than I had expected. It did take a VERY long time for me to do. So, if like me, you lack the talent of flawlessly and quickly applying nail polish I would set aside a good bit of time to do this. In order to make sure the lines were remotely straight I just used some pieces of tape that I cut as thin as I needed them.

Have fun with this one!
<3 Ashley

Got any cool manicure ideas? Go ahead and share them!


  1. They're so cool. It's against the rules at my school to wear nail polish but if we could I would definitely try something like this!

  2. I used to go to a private elementary/middle school. We had that rule too! I hope you do get the chance to try it some time though. It is very time consuming but they just look so fun at the end!


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