Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dorm Dreaming

Hail to the weekend!

Here it is, the two days separating me from the start of classes. Summer certainly flew by. I have had a few days to settle into my new living space, and I am very pleased with the outcome. May I present to glorious dorm:

Behold! The less than comfortable mattress that I get to lay upon this year.

My mini coffee shop. I would not be this perky without it!

My desk space. Most of my time will be spent here...typing away.

And our wonderful cosmetics...and coffee maker. (You do what you can with the space you are given!)

The closet is still a work in process. You know, of course that would be where I dedicate the most effort. It is only characteristic of me.

<3 Ashley

Well what do you think? Any cool dorm decorating ideas?


  1. I would go crazy with the blandness of this room. And then I would go crazy with fabrics, pictures, mirrors and accessories and be all over the unused wall space.
    Are you allowed to paint and hammer nails?

  2. Unfortunately we are NOT allowed to paint or hammer into the wall. If we were, this room would be a whole different space! Haha. I have slowly been bringing things in to make it feel a little more my style. This week we are having a poster sale on campus and I just bought a Breakfast at Tiffany's poster and a post of London. My roommate and I have also been tossing around the idea of curtains. We'll see what happens! It is definitely a slow process.

  3. I had a two-hour-trainride yesterday and didn't feel like reading, so I thought about your room. Yes, jazzing up small rooms sort of is my hobby. I have even created a blog about it, but I haven't posted anything. Too busy doing instead of photographing and writing.

    So this is what I am thinking: Since its a pretty small room from the looks of it I would stick to a colour-scheme and a single fabric. I guess you could coordinate it with your roommate, or you each have a seperate colour-scheme to divide your private spheres.

    I would use extension-rods for curtains, and if you pull the roller-blinds all the way up and keep them there they would not get in the way with the rods or you could even cove the blinds with fabric. (I think blinds are so boys-room...) Then I would use the same fabric to sew slipcovers for your head- and footboard and a bedskirt, so that they hide the wood and your boxes underneath. You can attach the skirt with either flat pushpins or if that is too risky just attach it with t-pins to the mattress.
    Then I would use the same fabric to cover the back of your desk, by taking off the back with a screwdriver, attaching the fabric with Uhu Patafix (do you have those in the US? Its a gummy substance that you can attach and remove easily, but it still holds stuff in place fairly well)and then putting it back on. Just remove it when you move out.
    You could also do a slipcover for the chair, and sew some cushions to turn your bed into a sofa during the day. And maybe a bedcover to match them. But if you use that much fabric, I would rather use a colour-scheme rather than all the same fabric. This website is good for finding a scheme:
    You could also get some cushions and a low table for a seating area on the floor. And a carpet.
    Then I would get a pretty but bright lamp to where your cosmetics are, and maybe you can trickle down some Christmas Lights on the side of your desk, so that it turns into bedside-lighting.
    On top of your desk I would put some boxes with lids in pretty colours and then put your pictures on top of them and put some matching binders beside them.
    You could also use or make a slim table to create a bedside area between your bed and the window. And exchange the picture above your bed with something bigger and use the nails that are already there.
    I created a pinterest board in your honour, check it out, I might add stuff if I come across it:
    Oh, and let me know what you end up doing, I might do a post about my ideas once I get round to writing at all... ;-)

  4. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas! Once I establish a budget (I just blew A LOT of cash on books!) I might look into some of these ideas; especially the bed skirt.

    Thank you very much :)
    <3 Ashley


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