Friday, August 3, 2012

The Chanel Effect

I do not think that I have actually told you in what subject I intend to major in school. The answer, my friends, is English Writing. Basically it is my school's equivalent to journalism. For the longest time I have wanted to be a fashion writer. Of all the potential dream jobs my little mind has frothed over for the past 18 years of life, this one has stuck the longest. is destiny.

Since I had discovered fashion as my calling (I overdramatize just for effect ;]) one designer has reigned superior in my mind and has lasted as my one true inspiration when it comes to dressing myself: Chanel. I have been informed that this answer seems to be the textbook answer to the question "Who is your favorite designer?" but it is true for me! To me, Chanel epitomizes how a woman should dress to convey beauty, confidence, and strength.

Why is this the topic of today's blog, you ask? Well because, for the hour before my eye exam today I wandered aimlessly around Barnes and Noble looking for something interesting. Actually what I find truly interesting and a little disappointing is that "teen paranormal romance" is now a section of the store...they legitimately have the signs made for it. But I digress...I headed back to the art section because there is ALWAYS something to jump out at me back there. What did I discover between Halston and Fashion Drawing for Dummies? This gem!

So obviously, I bought it. Can you tell that I may just be an impulse shopper? Not quite a good thing on a student's budget. But books, especially this one, are something with which I just cannot help myself. I cannot wait to break it open tonight before I go to sleep.

<3 Ashley

Time for the generic question: Who is YOUR favorite designer?


  1. Chanel is definitely my favorite. I'm obsessed with anything chanel.

  2. Oh me too. Most of my pins on Pinterest are Chanel! :)

  3. Oh me too! I honestly need a board just for chanel! :-)

  4. I also love Chanel. It well be definitely class and in for ever.
    I know how it is when it comes to book shopping, I actually ever need one to stop me ;)

    I love your major, it is also what I want to study when I FINALLY can attend the college of my dreams xD.


    PS: Many thanks for adding me.

  5. My sentiments EXACTLY. :) Book and shoe stores are just dangerous for me. I need someone to go with and remind me "Do you REALLY need this?"

    Well I hope you do get the chance to major in it; and I hope that you get into your dream school. Take it from me, it is a legitimate accomplishment! :) I recommend double majoring and finding something else to go with it. I am planning on also majoring in Mass Communications. That way I can get a grasp on that part of the business.

    <3 Ashley

    P.S. Love your blog :D


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