Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This or That?

Here's the scenario: it is about time for my cell phone upgrade. The past two years have been HORRIFIC in terms of cell phones. It started with a Samsung Gem that operated on the Android Market. That lasted maybe a year before it started freezing and being difficult. Then I moved to my dad's Droid X. That was good and fun for awhile until the battery life became ridiculous. Seriously, I would unplug it from the charger after a night, turn it on and it would turn off immediately. Then I went back to my old Blackberry Curve (what I now use) because it can stay alive for more than 5 seconds and doesn't freeze as much on me.

So here's where you come in. I'm getting a new phone next month before I leave for the beach and I want your feedback. From what I've seen there are three big contenders out there: iPhone, Galaxy, and Lumia.

If you have any of these phones what are the pros and cons? Would you suggest it?

<3 Ashley

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