Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Wish-List

As I have been earning my money over this break I have been restraining myself against making any splurges or unnecessary shopping sprees. Let me tell you, so far so good! However, I'm not one to completely cut myself off...that would just be too painful. So I've decided to continue holding off but compile a wish-list. My birthday is next month so hopefully I will get a bunch of gift cards and money to spend (while putting some away for school; because I'm that responsible!)

Really there are only 3 items on my list so far...but the summer is young! I have been eying both the LC Lauren Conrad Valencia flip flops and the Elle denim jackets at Kohl's. I need new flip flops and would like a denim jacket as well. I am also in love with that vintage style swimsuit that you see above. I'd even go for that color. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure where this suit is from but I imagine that I might have some luck looking on ModCloth.

What items are on your wishlist this summer?

<3 Ashley

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