Friday, October 12, 2012

Homecoming Madness and Fall Fashion

TGIF, right?

This Friday happens to be the kick off to the University of Pittsburgh homecoming weekend! Tomorrow morning (11 AM!) is our game against Louisville. How I am ever going to get up the energy to roll out of bed by 9 AM is a mystery. Tonight we will be treated to a fireworks spectacular and a midnight boys basketball scrimmage to kick off that season. It is also my building's Fall Fest celebration up in the lounge. All of this (and the temperatures in the 40s!) has got me excited for fall and the holidays.

Who doesn't love seeing all the decorations and pea coats? I also love seeing all the fall colors. The deep reds, oranges, greens, and browns are so warm and relaxing for me. A pop of color is nice, but I always love a great, stylistic outfit that isn't blown over the top by its colors. Autumn is a great fashion season in my opinion.

P.S. See that image up there? My first creation with Polyvore. :) Late bloomer...I know!

Happy Homecoming Pitt students!
<3 Ashley

What is your favorite thing to wear in autumn?

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