Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Inspired

Well, it's Wednesday - I think we all know how I feel about Wednesdays by now...not a fan. But there is only one day standing between me and Spring Break at this point. I can taste the freedom! There is so much I want to get done in just next week alone (a lot of it is recreational reading and a lot of sleeping in!)  So because there is not very much to report on and in lieu of Spring Break, I thought I would access my Polyvore account again and give you some spring inspired looks by me! There's only a couple since I probably should do my last bit of big work - due tomorrow! - before I mentally check out! 


Untitled #16

I think that both of these looks say something about some part of me. I love the colors in the first one (sometimes you just have to be bright!) and the other half of me loves the more neutral vibe of the second outfit. Maybe it's more clear cut for you?

<3 Ashley

Which look is your favorite? What spring/summer pieces are you most excited about breaking back out of the closet?


  1. I cannot wair for spring!
    Both looks are fab, and says spring all over

  2. love your blog

    check out mine & follow if you like :)


  3. hey, i like the boots. team it up with a cute clutch and your look is complete...try these clutches at Dealtz. nice offers, great collection


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