Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beauty: Refreshing Spring Routine

Good morning everyone!

It's Wednesday and today I am going to have a positive attitude. While I typically cringe at the sight of a Wednesday morning I have decided that maybe if I try to be a little happier and smile more I will have a better experience. Plus one of my classes is cancelled so I actually have time between all of my classes rather than having three in a row.

As spring is making itself more know--slowly!--spring beauty routines are going to start kicking in. While my beauty routines do not vary drastically from season to season, I do tend to treat myself to a more natural regimen than I do in the winter. I typically tend toward products that are both paraben and fragrance free. There has been a lot of talk about parabens (they act as preservatives) being harmful, though there is no specified amount I prefer to just go for products that are free of them. Fragrances really aren't the best either. Opt for fragrance free or products that use herbs and flowers like lavender rather than synthetic odors. Be sure to keep up the SPF with moisturizer and as more skin becomes more visible as the temperature gets warmer apply some sunscreen to other parts of your body. Also I like to try to put the heat tools away and let my hair do its own thing in a season that just feels so natural. Let your hair air dry and embrace the flirty waves and curls that form.

My beauty regimen is fairly simple during spring. My essentials are moisturizer, concealer and mascara. Once in awhile depending on how I feel I might do a flirty winged liner or apply some eye cream with some glitter or that is a really cool color.

What is your springtime beauty routine?

<3 Ashley

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