Monday, April 1, 2013

My Easter Holiday

Despite the holiday, this weekend was VERY busy for me. Since Friday I have been using every bit of free time to work on the first draft for my Writing for the Public assignment--a newsletter outlining the issues of No Child Left Behind and where education looks to go from there. This is not exciting stuff to write about people! In fact I am still working on it. I am taking off from my first lecture today so that I can give it a thorough edit.

Before I commit myself to that though, I wanted to share my Easter with you. We decided on Saturday to attend the noon mass on Sunday rather than the 6 PM one. I was up at 10:45 AM getting primped and ready only to receive a knock on the door at 11:15 and see my friends still in their pajamas. Instantly Megan assured me that she would be ready in time (she was a minute late, but who's counting?) After church we enjoyed an Easter brunch and then promptly went back up to our rooms to change into comfortable clothes--three blisters and counting on my feet! One girl on our floor volunteered to hide our Easter eggs for us so that we could have a hunt. Unfortunately due to our late planning the only eggs we could get our hands on were in the shape of Darth Vader's helmet. After that, our holiday was virtually over and we all set off to work and study.

And I know that one of the big highlights for many of us is what we wear on Easter. Below are a few pictures of my dress and shoes.

My entire Easter outfit was from White House | Black Market. It was a birthday gift I gave myself for turning 18 last summer. You know...I deserved it :)

How was your holiday? What did you wear?

<3 Ashley

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