Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Thoughts

So yesterday was the day that Pittsburgh decided to show it’s true colors (gray) to get be back into the swing of things. I had forgotten just how erratic the weather here could be. One hour it would rain, then the sun would come out, then it would rain some more, then the skies would open up and unleash some heavy rain. I found myself caught in the rain at one point too (note to self: just start carrying umbrella all the time!)

In order to get up the hill to my dorm and anticipate going out again an hour and a half later for my next class I had to go to my happy place. You know, that place you go to whenever things aren’t going your way and you have to leave reality behind a bit. Where exactly is my happy place, you ask?

What’s up, Aruba? Doesn’t it just look nice, relaxing and sunny? And look…friendly flamingos welcoming you to the beach.

<3 Ashley

Where’s your happy place?

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