Monday, August 26, 2013

My BTS Outfit

First day back to classes = complete! Not a bad way to begin it either; I am very confident that this semester will be a successful one! I’ve signed up for a bunch of clubs, gotten all my course material in order and even started making some new friends (crying, shaking and screaming over a 15 sec. NSYNC reunion at the VMAs can do that!)

Last week I introduced you to some other bloggers who shared with you their back-to-school styles and some other styling tips. So today, I feel it’s only right to share my first day of class outfit (yet another post where I try to be a fashion blogger but kind of fall short…I’ll leave the full time stuff to the experts)

Remember the Wear It Loud promotion I did with rue21? I brought back out that black chiffon and leather vest with a white cami, some skinnies and a pair of black flats which I have to rave about! They are the Ona flats from Mossimo at Target and oh my Lord are they comfortable! I had been eye-ing them for awhile and a friend told me about how she got them for work and they were super comfortable. I recommend them!

<3 Ashley

Have you put together your back-to-school outfit? What is your style for BTS this year? Did anyone else lose their minds completely watching JT at the VMAs last night?

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