Monday, March 4, 2013

A Liebster Award for All

I know that I already did this, but I thought that since we are limited to 11 bloggers to nominate, I would do it again and nominate some of the other blogs that I didn't last time! I received this Liebster ("sweet" in German!) Award nomination from Emily at A Pile of Good Things, so I would like to extend a thanks for that.  Go ahead and check out her blog!

As I explained before the rules are as follows: state 11 facts about yourself, answer questions asked by the blogger who nominated you, ask your own (11) questions, nominate 11 bloggers to continue the award circulation.

11 Facts About Myself:
1. Shoes are my true weakness.
2. I love writing.
3. My favorite color combo is black, white, gold, and pink.
4. My favorite beverage is hot chocolate.
5. My favorite thing about the weekend is Sunday brunch with the girls.
6. I treasure any alone time I get.
7. I can speak Spanish almost fluently.
8. My favorite sport to watch is football (American)
9. I love sewing and knitting.
10. I have high-fived a member of the New Kids on the Block (be jealous!)
11. I still love buying CDs rather than making iTunes purchases (though I must say, Spotify is becoming something that I consider to be a gift from the gods!)

11 Questions Asked by Emily

1. What is your favorite book?
"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen
2. What's the worst part about blogging?
Constantly worrying about keeping up to date and not being able to post as much as I would like to.
3. What's your favorite place to shop at?
Francesca's or Forever 21.
4. How do you get the hang of Thursdays? (I'm sorry, this was an essay question and I couldn't resist. Be creative!)
I just keep telling myself that the week is almost over. Thursdays really aren't that bad for me. I just remind myself that it's not Wednesday (that day is awful)
5. What's one makeup/beauty product you can't live without?
Moisturizer. I have one color of nail polish ( Elle Tropical Blush) that I am obsessed with. Lipstick is a constant as well.
6. If you could see anyone in concert who would it be and why?
Train! I have seen them already. Best concert I have been to so far. But I have been told that Coldplay live is a pretty life changing experience.
7. What would you say to someone who wanted to start blogging?
Dooooo iiiiittt! What do you have to lose? As long as you have an interest and an aptitude for writing or photography, you will gather some kind of following no matter how small in the beginning. But it does require that you devote a good chunk of time to it.
8. What's the best part about you? (No skipping this question)
My hair. And my sense of humor :)
9. What scares you the most about the future?
Not knowing exactly what I'm going to do. Being a twenty-something right out of college really does terrify me.
10. Where's Waldo? (See 4)
Right next to me.
11. If you could relive one day over again, what day would it be and why?
Thanksgiving this past year. For some reason it was so much different from all of the other ones before.

11 Questions by Me
1. What is your favorite movie?
2. How would you categorize your blog?
3. Mint or cinnamon gum?
4. What is one place you would love to travel to in the world?
5. What is one bad habit you would like to try to get rid of?
6. Who is your favorite fashion designer?
7. What is your favorite blog to read?
8. What do you drink for breakfast? Coffee? Orange juice?
9. Who inspires you most?
10. What is your favorite day of the week?
11. What would you want to be your last meal?

As far as blogs I nominate, I nominate everyone reading this! If you have a blog that you want to advertise post the link down in the comments. Go ahead and do what I did here on your blog and nominate some of your favorites! 

<3 Ashley

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