Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

This is where I get to live next year :)

Good morning everyone!

As we know yesterday was Wednesday and by now I am just you know my feelings towards Wednesdays...I don't like it at all! I'm just so busy and feel so rushed on that day. But yesterday was the day that my friend picked housing for next year. Her and I were intending to be roommates and were very concerned because upperclassmen housing is literally the most frustrating thing ever. Doubles seem difficult to come by; most people get suites (3 or more people), singles, or live off campus. But she found a double and we are living together next year! We even get our own bathroom and a nice table and chairs.

I couldn't be happier; I get to live with one of my best friends and we get a pretty sweet living space. I can breathe easier now--until, of course, class registration next week. :|

For those of you in college or beyond, what was the most frustrating or relieving moment?

<3 Ashley

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