Monday, January 27, 2014


Happy Monday (sincerity here is's been snowing for 3 solid days!)

In an attempt to blog more with my very awkward schedule this semester, I am keeping Monday posts short and sweet. I have been seeing a lot more posts like this one more where bloggers let their readers get to know them a little bit better by describing what they're doing at the moment. So that's what Mondays are going to be simply because I am too busy--4 classes until 8:30 pm and PR committee meetings.


Listening to: "Fashion" Lady Gaga
Reading: My Twitter feed--everyone is talking about spending the night last night in the Pete for tonight's basketball game against Duke. H2P!
Eating: This pomegranate and blueberry cereal which I picked up last week during my very first trip to Trader Joe's...I love Trader Joe's!
Drinking: Coffee with a bit of almond milk
Wishing: The snow would melt and I will have a painless walk to classes
Feeling: Sluggish. Can I just stay home and watch the Carrie Diaries on Netflix?

<3 Ashley

How are you feeling this cold, snowy Monday?

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