Friday, January 10, 2014

Early Thoughts on the Spring Semester 
View of the Cathedral of Learning
Okay so I haven't pinned nearly enough this week to give you a nice TGIF Pins post...sorry. But I did want to do one more post this week because I cannot even deal with only having a two post week. This past weekend was the first week back for the spring semester and I thought I would just let you know how that went and how I feel about the last few months of my sophomore year.

I had every intention of pushing myself and taking 18 credits this semester. However, one of my classes is filled and I am still #4 on the waitlist. So if I am not in by next Friday I will be officially dropping it and sticking to 15 credits. I will have to wait until PR Writing is available again! My only night class of the week was cancelled this week so I have no idea what Interpersonal Communication is like. I have been having my public speaking class; I'm still not completely comfortable but I imagine I will loosen up once I actually start participating and giving speeches. I'm officially working toward a U.S. History minor and am very excited about my History of the American City class--so far it's very interesting and I adore my professor! I'm also taking astronomy and statistics to fulfill gen. eds. and so far am very confident about how I will do.

Overall, I'm very excited about this semester. I will also start researching studying abroad and decide if it's really something that I want to do. My friends and I also have some fun weekends planned to look forward to!

Here's to a great semester!
<3 Ashley

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