Sunday, September 9, 2012

NYFW: Live Stream

I found it! The link that will be taking control of my week. I feel my poor grades slipping already! Runway shows at NY Fashion Week are bring streamed live right here! In case you end up missing a show there is also a rebroadcast at the end of the day. There is also a schedule on the page too of what shows will be shown on the page. Not all of the shows will be, but some of them are being shown on other sites too; so do not fret. :)

Anyway, I spent much of my day relaxing with my feet up, watching some AMAZING shows. Today I saw Lela Rose, Tracy Reese, and Diane von Furstenburg. All three of these shows were absolutely beautiful. I noticed some colors that seemed to be pretty popular; these are yellow and teal. There was definitely a bit of a tropical vibe that I was picking up. The lace trend also continued through the day along with loose fitting light layers. I loved all the light fabrics too.

Beautiful dress from Lela Rose.

Another trend that caught my eye today was the presence of metallic accents. You can see it in the dress pictured above. I saw this pop into a few pieces throughout the day. 

<3 Ashley

Have you been watching any of the shows? Have a favorite?




  2. I did no hw all weekend all i did was watch fashion shows !


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