Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Looking Back Moment

Hello all!

The long weekend is over and I find myself getting ready for class again. As I have been on Facebook the past few weeks, I have noticed more and more, people I know from high school (that are still in high school) are getting all of their acceptance letters and making their college preparations and decisions. That got me to looking back to this time last year. Receiving the acceptance letters, working through the annoying FAFSA forms and all that other stuff, just to make it to at least this point.

I had applied to six schools and all of them, in some way or another, were ones that I definitely considered for different reasons. Only one was the one that I wouldn't stop talking about: Pitt. My decision was admittedly down to the last minute. I did start to doubt myself, panicked and proceeded to visit two other smaller schools that I had not really paid too much attention to. The night we got back from the final college visit I made my decision. I was on the phone with my aunt who had me tell her the pros and cons of both Pitt and the other school that I was considering. After I finished, she pointed out that when I was going through the list for the other school I kept going back and comparing it to Pitt. Looking back, the choice was clear.

To all of those who are getting ready to make the big decision, take this cliché but completely true advice. If you have a school in mind that you are mentally committed to, even after you visit other schools and it is still on your mind, there is a good chance that's the one for you. Don't doubt yourself and go with your gut. Picking a college is no doubt a huge (and expensive!) decision. But it is one that you do have the luxury of making, so do what makes you happy!

<3 Ashley

Any college decision making stories?


  1. Just realized that I was following your blog. I have a friend who is also a freshman at Pitt!


    1. Really?! That's so cool. Maybe I have had a class with them :)

  2. Thank you so much! I am glad to hear that :)
    I will definitely follow you! It's great to support each other.

    <3 Ashley


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