Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Big Fat Healthy Lifestyle

In keeping with the "New Year, New You" theme that I seem to have this month I want to talk about this new, healthy lifestyle I want to create for myself. This year, I am adamant about starting anew and taking the time to cleanse myself physically and mentally.

First with the physical: healthy diet and consistent workout routine. I would not say that I am trying to lose weight, but rather would like to be healthier and gain maybe just a little bit of muscle. Hopefully, thinking like that will motivate me to continue passed February 1. In terms of my diet, I have completely cut out soda and have cut down on desserts. I am not exactly eliminating much else. I really don't see the point in completely cutting out carbs or meats like some of these diets call for. You still need the nutrients that these foods possess. Instead, I have opted for simple portion control. Much of the time the problem is not exactly what we are eating but how much. For example, if you eat a 1 pound salad you are gaining a pound. So nothing is really cut out, just downsized and sometimes replaced by a salad or some kind of vegetables (I need more of those.) I have also started at the gym. Here's to day 3! I am trying to workout everyday except for Sunday, of course. I have always taken it to heart as the day of rest and relaxation. I am pleased to say that I am sleeping better hours as well and am more energetic lately. The benefits of changing things up are already visible.

Now for the mental health: DEADLINES are my key. I figure deadlines are my educational and professional life from here on out and do have their benefits. I have invested in a calendar for my desk and now keep a notebook with me at all times to jot down assignments and important notes throughout the day. This has really freed up my thinking space not having to remember dates and everything! I am working on completing things in a timely manner as well (right as I get them!) Part of my mental health cleansing is to both have my relaxing, quiet "me time" and keep myself busy. I am in the process of performing an early "spring cleaning" and redesign of my dorm to fit me a bit more. Out with the old and rarely used! Also, in an attempt to do something with my time, and make up for the fact that while I am in school I have no income until I go home for breaks, I am going to start making, designing and selling bags. I used to be really into sketching designs and I have actually made bags for myself and friends. I am currently in the design process which is being extended since I do not know where I can get fabric around here (anyone familiar with the Pittsburgh area?) Anyway, that is something to look forward to; my prime selling grounds will be on this campus and on this blog.

I just wanted to share my promise to myself and my plans with you all. I find it to be beneficial to write this kind of stuff down and share it with a bunch of people. Subtle motivators. Like I said before...I want this to stick!

<3 Ashley

What motivates you? Are you going to try any of this for a healthy lifestyle?

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