Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Since I'm so busy lately and still want to do at least a few posts this week, I figured today I would bust out a short but still very fun post about what I am currently up to...like right now. As we speak. So I am currently...

listening to: "Just Want You To Know" -Backstreet Boys (Note: going to see them tonight here on campus and I'm already fangirling pretty hard!)
eating: Nothing :( But I am drinking some nice water...
wearing: My long, comfy gray sweater and yoga pants
working on: Blogging aside, I am studying for finals. Rhetorical Process to be exact!
loving: My gift from my Secret Santa! Those pillows in the picture up there ^^^^ very festive!
disliking (because hate is a strong word!): Everything about the music video for "Saturday" by Rebecca Black. Like just stop...

<3 Ashley

What are you doing currently?

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