Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finals: In Retrospect

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Okay, so really I'm only halfway through finals (or at least I will be by 2 PM) then I have two finals tomorrow. But already there are things I wish I had done because I am stressed to no end right here. Honestly, the only reason I am blogging right now is because it is so therapeutic for me. I also think I'm so frustrated and crabby because everyone else on my floor is finished with their exams already and started having their fun last night. Seriously, yesterday I woke up early to study and there were people in the lounge studying. This morning I did the same thing...I am the only one here!

Anyway, I have under 3 hours before my psychology final and I still don't really think I am retaining any information (except I could tell you all about personality disorders; but I won't!) I really think that maybe I should have started at least making up my notecards and study guides maybe a week or so ago and not over the past weekend. I also wish I had done more of the readings assigned throughout the semester. Just so everyone knows, there's a lot of nice thorough information in these books that would probably have been useful in furthering my understanding of these concepts. But here we are, three hours before the exam and it's a little to late to do those readings.

A perk, however, is that yesterday I took my rhetorical process final (this class is for my major!) and the grades are in. Who's got two thumbs and scored a perfect grade on that exam? This girl! I was honestly speechless for an hour after seeing that grade. My final grade over all in the class is a 98% and that is just fine by me! Hopefully, I can get through the rest of these finals well enough!

<3 Ashley

What little triumphs have you had this week?

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