Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Little Tired

I need to go back and find my motivation. I feel like I am in kind of a funk right now and procrastination is rearing its ugly head. Currently I want nothing more than to spend all day in bed reading or watching a movie. For the past three weeks I have been attending classes, meetings and appointments galore; and I'm still waiting for the weekend that I don't need to set an alarm for. Seriously...every weekend I have woken up to an alarm for a football game, some kind of community service or some other plan. This coming weekend will be no exception--I will be present at the Pittsburgh Zoo at 7AM for the Kidney Walk on Sunday. I understand that it's a good idea to be involved and put yourself out there but at what cost?! I really just want a weekend to sleep! I'm sorry that this is such a whiny post but I figure I don't do many of those.

Feel free to do your own whining in the comments below!

<3 Ashley

What's bringing you down right now?

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