Thursday, October 24, 2013

That Time Pizza Was Made Sexy

...this is killing me. (Image: here)

Lately I've noticed a lot of conversation in the blogosphere on the subject of women's Halloween costumes. Earlier this week I read Lyndsay Rush's post on the Everygirl here and then I came across this post on the blog Nothing to Wear here. Both address the "sexy ____" costume. I thought I would share my view on it, no matter how un-earth shattering this may be. 

I'm the kind of person who goes absolutely bananas about Halloween. It was one of my favorite holidays when I was growing up--who wasn't a fan of dressing up funny and going door to door for candy?! Picking my costume was always a fun trip too. In my past I believe I was: a PowerPuff Girl, a Power Ranger, a Pink Lady, and a vampire queen. I tend more toward pop culture icons if you couldn't tell. Just because I've gotten older doesn't mean the same spirit is gone; last year I dressed as Audrey Hepburn and this year I will be donning a platinum wig as Marilyn Monroe--I think college will be my 'famous film star' years. 

As I've gotten older and bigger, I noticed the costumes for my age group getting smaller and skimpier. Now, personally I am not someone who likes to show too much skin. Not because I am fearful of it or anything, I just don't see it as ladylike. I also tend to actually despise the costumes themselves and how they are marketed. Can we talk about how there is "sexy" anything anymore--Sexy Nurse, Sexy Firefighter, Sexy Elmo, and my personal favorite, Sexy Pizza. Can we just stop? Sexy Elmo made me shed a tear but Sexy Pizza is where I draw the line. Not only do these costumes tend to look, let's be honest...not that cute, but it's also freaking cold on Halloween night! At least it is here in Pittsburgh. How people survive in those tiny outfits in 40 degree weather is beyond my comprehension.

I love this holiday and I love dressing up. But no longer do I rely on Halloween retailers to come up with my costume. Sure I get accessories like my wig for Marilyn or my gloves for Audrey, but the bulk of my costume comes from what I already own. Both this year and last year I had dresses already in my ownership! Let's face it, ladies pay WAY too much for those tiny outfits--pretty sure Sexy Pizza was around $60! Get creative, ladies and do something awesome for Halloween this year!

<3 Ashley

What are you dressing as for Halloween this year?

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