Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Buying or DIY-ing

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I am happy to announce that fall semester is finally over! Commence the lovely three week holiday break leading up to the spring semester. Granted I will be spending this break working to make money for next semester, but I definitely still have time to hang out, have fun and relax. However, one thing gnawing on my brain is the fact that I still have one more gift to get and I'm not going to be getting a paycheck until next Friday...after Christmas. Therefore, I have a very limited budget on this one. The friend that this gift is for is definitely someone who values creative gifts so I know that she will definitely appreciate the DIY gift. I have until next Thursday to find a project and execute it! I can't say that I have done many DIY projects--I am unfortunately someone who drops the money and takes the easy way out--but I look forward to giving a creative and personal gift; especially since this year marks 15 years of friendship!

<3 Ashley

Do you DIY or buy your gifts? Do you have any favorite DIY projects?

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