Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So Secret

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One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the inevitable Secret Santa. We are currently doing one on the floor--gift exchange is this Saturday! I know a lot of people get a little freaked out by it because there is a good chance that you will get someone that you don't know all that well. I think that's the fun part though! That means you can get a little more creative with the gift. Just take one thing you know about the person and go crazy with it!

This year is the first year I've had to shop for a guy, and while we talk and hang out a lot I can't say that I do know too much about him. I do know that he is a Philadelphia Eagles fan though and so with that little piece of information I have gone wild. Every part of this gift has something to do with football, has an Eagles logo or is simply the team colors. I don't think Secret Santa gifts are really the kind that need to be too heartfelt anyway; it's all about fun and surprise!

<3 Ashley

Are you and your friends doing a Secret Santa this year?

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