Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty: A Polished Look

Regardless of what it does to my nails--I do give them some periods of breathing time!--I almost always have nail polish on. I cannot say that I am particularly picky with brands just as long as it looks nice, has some staying powers since I spend a lot of time typing, but doesn't put up too much of a fight when I do go to remove it, I will be a dutiful consumer. I am, however, picky with my colors. I tend to go in seasons. I reserve darker colors for fall and winter. You will never see me sporting a gothic black nail polish during the warm spring and summer months. I though that today I would share some of my favorite spring/summer colors with you!

1. Coral: This is currently the color of my toes. It's very fun and has just enough "pop!" for my style.
Pictured above--Forever 21's Love & Beauty coral polish

2. Mint: My color obsession this season! I may just dye my nails this color--kidding of course! But I really do love it. I find it to be a very pretty, crisp color.
Pictured above--Essie Mint Candy Apple

3. White: This is one of the beauty trends this spring. I especially like that it makes me look just a bit tanner than I actually am. I call it the magic color.
Pictured above--O.P.I Funny Bunny

What colors will you don this season?

<3 Ashley

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