Monday, April 8, 2013

Fighting the Nerves

Well if you've been following my saga in my Writing for the Public class you will know that I have an oral presentation that I am giving today at 3 PM. The last thing I am is excited. I am nervous, terrified, shaking and a little upset that my professor elected me to present first. That's right, I am presenting at the top of the class. Public speaking is probably the dead last thing on my list of talents. I can probably juggle better than I speak in front of groups of people. This is something I have struggled with all through school--as I am sure many of you have. Unfortunately, my decision to be a Communication major also comes with a required Public Speaking class.

I am thinking of taking the class next spring and getting it out of the way. As for tomorrow, I have my slide show done, a note card written and a rosary next to my bed. Maybe I'm a little too dramatic about this entire situation...

Does public speaking make you nervous? What do you do to get over the nerves?

<3 Ashley

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