Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Talking With Ted

I thought this was cute/funny... From Pinterest

Last night we at Pitt were very honored to host "A Night With Josh Radnor." You know...Ted Moseby from How I Met Your Mother! Tickets went on-sale last week and let me tell you, no matter how early you wake up there will still be 60 people who have been there longer. However, my friends and I were very fortunate to score tickets! Last night we gathered in the assembly room and welcomed him with applause.

It really was a great night. There wasn't a lot of HIMYM discussion--maybe a little during the Q&A--so unfortunately still no word on who the mother is! He had some great advice for those pursuing careers in theater, acting, and filmmaking; much of the advice could also be directed to those of us not particularly destined for those fields. Overall, it was a great night and he was very insightful and funny on top of that!

Are you a HIMYM fan? If you could attend a discussion, who would the speaker be?

<3 Ashley

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