Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing Dress-Up

Is this week over yet?!

Of course not. I still have one more day of work before I can take some time to relax and maybe FINALLY get to a pool this summer. As I have mentioned before, I do work two jobs this summer and the biggest drag for me is that both do have their own dress codes. There is very little room for me to dress the way I want to. 

Today you could find from 3-7 me running a poolside snack bar in a staff t-shirt and shorts. However there was a day prior to 3 PM when I was out and about and I took the opportunity to dress up. I pounded the pavement in my brand new theme style shoes from the Naturalizer outlet store.

But my favorite part of the outfit had to be what was taking place up top. Picture it...Marilyn Monroe face t-shirt and a lace cropped biker jacket. Uh...hell yeah! I also cannot go anywhere without wearing a ring. Next to shoes, rings are my next lethal obsession.

Even if I am stuck working, I always find a way to share my style with the world at some point during the day. Lucky I am too jumpy to actually stay at home for more than a couple of hours. :)

What are the pieces in your closet that you just cannot live without?

<3 Ashley


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  2. Thanks you! :)
    I followed your blog as well. It is lovely.


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