Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post-Fourth Fun

How was your Fourth?!
Did you get to see any fireworks displays. I know that many cities and towns could not put any up due to the dry climate and the intense heat. That's summer for you.

While I did have to work, I did enjoy my Independence Day. I mean...I watched specials on the History Channel, and will also admit to briefly watching the Beach Boys on VH1 Classic. Fireworks went up in our area, but not that we could see them since there are so many trees blocking our views; but they sounded great!

That said, the realization that I have just under two months left until I leave for my freshman year of college has just hit. I have so much left to do! Two consecutive Fridays of shopping coming up. Tomorrow with my mother and grandmother, then next Friday with my roommate for my birthday. Then I have all the preparations and packing to do.

I hope to come across some great finds on my shopping trips. Anything I should keep a look out for?

<3 Ashley

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