Friday, July 20, 2012


The title says it all, I believe.

Thank goodness for all the relaxation that comes with the weekend. I actually get to spend today home alone because all of my family is out. That means I have all the room to do my workout, clean and just do whatever. Then tonight I get a well deserved girls night with some old friends. With less than a month before the first of us leaves for college everyone is scrambling for one last time with the people they act their craziest around.

Speaking of school...the shopping has begun! The roomie and I have divided up the essentials list and have commenced the hoarding until that fateful day in August. On top of that I do have to find time to do my wardrobe shopping. I am in absolute dire need of jeans. They are an essential for me (as I am sure they are for the rest of you!) However, I am in the middle of trying to at least tone up. So denim shopping will be very last minute; like...the day before I leave. My goal is to get back into a good pair of skinny jeans.

What is your favorite pair of jeans?

B.B.M. (Be back Monday!)
<3 Ashley


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  2. Thank you! Followed you blog :)


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