Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Club: The Receptionist

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Happy Monday!

Before I really get into this post, can I just comment on how fast this semester has flown by?! In just 2 weeks I will be heading back home for Thanksgiving and then 2 weeks later I will be taking finals. This is nuts! I really need this break too. I need to go back to my own people and sleep in my own bed (quoting one of the guys on my floor)

Anyway, after I finished reading two novels for my cultural anthropology class I was able to get back into recreational reading. I went back and took a look at this book list on and got The Receptionist by Janet Groth out of the library on my Kindle. I had thought that the book would be more of a narrative story, rather it is about the author's time spent at The New Yorker through the '60s. Actually, it seemed to me it was more about the romantic relationships that the author developed during her time as a receptionist at the magazine. While the book is a little heavy on the relationships, I did appreciate the author's explanation of the lessons learned from each. I did really like the ending (not trying to get smart!) it was, in my opinion, the best written and most poignant part of the novel.

Overall, I think I would recommend this book. At least you won't be going into it thinking it's something else when it's really a collection of stories outlining the relationships she had during her time at The New Yorker.

<3 Ashley

Are you going to try reading The Receptionist? Have you read it already; what did you think?

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