Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Four Beauty Favorites

I will admit, this week is not flying by the way I was hoping it was--possibly because I am hoping for it to speed by. But can you blame me? I just want to go home and not do any work! However, it is Wednesday! We're halfway there. Because it's Wednesday ATG is once again linking up with Let It Be Beautiful and Fancy Things for Four Favorites. This week we are discussing beauty:

- I love this gel eyeliner from Maybelline! I just can't deal with pencil; I always feel like I have to aggressively apply it because it's not coming out as dark as I would like. The gel is so much smoother and thicker and the applicator is more comfortable for me to use.

- The store I work at sells Kate Spade Twirl and I love it! Every time I am making my rounds through the beauty department, I stop to take a whiff of this perfume. The cute bottle is also a big point earner with me.

- When it comes to beauty, I will not pretend to be a specialist. If you want solid advice on what kinds of brushes to use and how often to replace them this is not the place to find out (I will just refer you to a beauty blogger!) The brushes I use and have no qualms with are the brush sets from Forever 21. Maybe I get them just because they are cute--I want the floral set next!

- Red lipstick. I am a full supporter of red lips all year round but I find that they especially pop against the dreary, cold and snowy weather than comes with late fall and winter. I can't say that I have worn that Tom Ford lipstick--my meager college budget probably would not allow for that--but I imagine it's quite nice. 

<3 Ashley

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