Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Bit of An Edge

Hello all!

Words cannot describe my happiness as the semester is quickly coming to a close. I cannot wait to go home for Christmas and get back to work making some money. :) But as we are getting closer, I have started going through my closet to get ready to take some things out to put in some new purchases after the holidays. I happened upon some pieces that I, for the most part, have not broken out yet. So I said, "Why not?" and wore them together and was pleasantly surprised. The look was overall pretty edgy, which is not how I usually dress; I dress a little more light and pretty. Throughout the day I was taken by the compliments that I received from people all over campus.

I was beyond in love with this skirt when I bought it, but never had a chance to wear it. It is sheer with a shorter, solid black skirt underneath and a faux leather band at the waist. This skirt moves beautifully.

A cropped lace jacket over a slouchy Blondie tour t-shirt.

Black boots that have become neglected but were very comfortable to wear walking across campus.

This entire outfit, aside from the boots, is entirely from Forever 21 (boots from Charlotte Russe.) I have not had a huge inspiration to take many chances lately, but I loved this and the reactions I got. It honestly does not hurt to put in that little extra something to make an outfit really stand out especially, if you are like me at all, you are usually more toned down with your style. Moral of the story: TAKE SOME CHANCES! 

<3 Ashley

Will you take some chances with something you don't usually wear?

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