Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Education in Campus Fashion

So I it has been exactly a month that class has been in session here at the University of Pittsburgh and there is a lot that I have learned, both in the classroom and outside of it.

Along with living in this region I have learned that it rains a lot in the city of Pittsburgh, and also gets cold a bit earlier than it does back home. Needless to say, I travel with an umbrella EVERYWHERE!! One thing that seems to be common essential for all the girls here is rain boots. I have never been a fan of rain boots. I hate walking around in them; I have ever only owned one pair. That being said, I have seen some cute pairs walking around this campus. Maybe they will inspire me to invest in a pair.

I have also been very nervous about wearing my heels around campus and to class. I know that in high school if you came clacking your heels into the room instantly people would turn around and look at you like you just massacred at large group of people. But I have observed a great mix of heels and flats around here and no one shows a bit of annoyance at the sound of a pair of pumps walking into the lecture hall.

The ultimate lesson I am learning here is: no one really cares what you look like here. It is not like high school. There is such a mix of style; some people dress down for class to be comfortable because they have a day spent rushing from building to building or because they had just pulled an all-nighter preparing for a big Biology exam. I has made me more comfortable to wear what I want without people's wandering eyes judging me.

<3 Ashley

What is your favorite college/school fashion?


  1. Only take care to not wear high-heels when going to the library, because it is super annoying to hear someones clack-clack when nothing else is to be heard and people do look at you like they want to murder you. Its also one of my pet-peeves. That, and people reserving places that they don't use. Argh. I always went tippy-toe which can be hard with some shoes, and now I carry a pair of lightweight ballerinas with me, when I know I will spend my day there.

  2. Good point! I haven't done that yet so, I have not received any wrathful stares from my peers. I will make especially sure that if I am going to the library (which I do a lot now!) I will take care to pack or wear quiet shoes.
    Thanks for the tip!

    <3 Ashley


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