Friday, September 7, 2012


Yes it's true! New York Fashion Week is upon us! Unfortunately, since I lack a standing in the fashion industry currently (and a ride!) I with everyone else must rely on reading articles and updates from the blogs of the lucky ones to know what is walking down the runways.

I would love to be sitting front row (or any row for that matter!) at one of the many shows that will be occurring in NYC throughout this period. But I will have to settle for avidly checking for updates and getting clued in on trends to look forward to.

Designers are displaying their looks for the Spring 2013 season, and already some trends have popped up on catwalks throughout the lineup of designers. Lace has shown up in many shows as both full outfits or as a smaller accent. The designs this season also seem to be more loose fitting. No more are body-cons showing up in large numbers (I have been waiting for this! Note: not a fan of body-con)

An example of the lace trend that is popping up. 

I will continue to research and scour the web for updates on emerging trends and keep you posted on what I discover.


Any trends you want to see or that you're excited about?

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