Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Holiday Bug

Well it really is that time of year...I have fallen ill. :| Conveniently right before Thanksgiving, right? I am currently dealing with a sore throat and slight fatigue. If I know my body well enough now, I am willing to bet some vital parts that this is going to be a raging cold tomorrow. Luckily, I did not have many classes today so I had all the time to rest a bit in bed (while doing some catch-up on my work!) I have also been blessed with some amazing friends out here that have popped in and out to check up on me.

This entry is devoted to some ways that you can either fight off the dreaded cold or at least effectively fight it off.

1. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! - Sleep really is a very good way to help along the healing process. When you are asleep your body actually works to repair itself. And let's be honest...being sick really does take a lot out of you and can make you a very difficult person to be around. So for the safety of everyone else around, you may want to follow this rule.

2. De-stress - Being constantly stressed out can really make you more susceptible to fall ill when you come in contact with that virus. Make sure that you let off some steam and relax once in awhile. Take up meditation!

3. Be a social butterfly! - Some studies have shown that people who interact with a more diverse group are actually healthier than people who have very narrow social circles. This could align with the fact that the more that your body is exposed to various germs, the better defense your immune system can offer since it is more familiar with those bacteria.

4. Stay fit and healthy! - I feel like this one is a no-brainer :)

5. Vitamin C - While it is not as effective as you have probably been told, it does not hurt to maintain a healthy intake of vitamin C.

I have also taken my mom's advice and concocted a mixture of hot water, lemon juice and honey to sooth the sore throat. Hopefully this does not last very long. If there is one thing I hate....it's a trip to the doctor! ;)

<3 Ashley

Is there anything you to get better if you're sick? Any home remedies out there?


  1. This is going to sound crazy but Asprin works wonders for a sore throat. Take 2 a day for a few days and your throat will feel so much better. Also, if you want to beat your cold faster there is a vitamin called Golden Seal Root, and it is amazing! Works with your immune system to make you feel better faster. I take it everyday just to keep my immune system boosted. Hope you feel better doll! :-)

    1. I've heard the aspirin thing. My RA said something about it when another girl on my floor was sick.


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