Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Thanksgiving Trek

Well Thanksgiving break is just 6 days away from me, I can practically taste the cranberry sauce. If you are like me, having chosen a school 4+ hours away from home, this is probably your first trip home that you have made since move-in day. I have already been thinking about what to pack and realized that this is a good opportunity to take back some of the stuff that I will not be needing through the winter months. Plus, if you have forgotten anything from home, you can make some room for that (plus don't forget those Christmas clothes that you will no doubt be acquiring!) 

I have a list of things that you should pack for the 4-5 day break and some things that you can leave at home or bring back with you.

Things to pack for break:

1. Jeans: 1 or 2 pairs will suffice. It's not even a week long, you do not need a plethora of outfits. If it helps, plan your outfits ahead of time so you only take what you need! 

2. Cardigan: A good way to pull together jeans and t-shirt if you are meeting up with some friends for coffee or lunch. 

3. Dress: Just one nice dress for Thanksgiving dinner is all you need. It does not need to be fancy, but a holiday dinner is the perfect excuse to dress up.

4. Pair of Boots: Pick a pair that will go with almost everything, so that you do not need to lug your entire shoe collection onto the bus, train, or plane. (Also grab a pair of shoes for the dress!) 

5. T-Shirts: Only if truly necessary. I know I left plenty of tops at home so that I did not need to take everything back with me.

Things to leave at home:

1. Shorts: Unless you go to school in an extremely warm climate at this time of year, I can almost guarantee that you will not need any Daisy Dukes.

2. Sundresses: I am keeping some dresses to layer under sweaters, but all florals are being sheltered until the springtime.

3. Sandals: Along with the shorts, these probably will not be seeing daylight too soon. Make more room for boots in your dorm by keeping the sandals at home.

Things to bring back to school:

1. Sweaters: Make sure you grab all of your sweaters, these are going to be a staple in your wardrobe for the next few months.

2. Boots: If your hitting up stores for Black Friday or your parents offer to buy you something before you head back, a good pair of boots is certainly no bad investment.

3. Anything you forgot!: If there is something you need that you forgot when you left, make sure you get it this time!

Happy packing everyone! Just one week! :)

<3 Ashley

What do you have to pack for this break?

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