Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Essentials for the New Year

Happy New Year! Sorry, this is a bit late in the day; I had to work! But I am home now and I finally have a day off tomorrow. Finally time to get my hair done and do a little shopping. I have decided to immediately implement my resolution for more organization and made a list of the absolutely essential things that I will buy. This is part of my attempts to be financially responsible (oh, the plight of the college student!)

So here is my list of the essentials that I think we should all have in our closets if you don't have them already:

1. Black blazer

However you like your blazers (tailored, fitted, cuffed sleeves, etc) they are a great way to pull an outfit together and dress it up.

2. LBD

The Little Black Dress has been a staple in closets for decades; why mess with a classic? A simple dress can be perfect with a jacket, some jewelry or stand alone. 

3. Jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. They are almost mandatory and there are so many fits and cuts to choose from. I am currently in the market for a pair of skinnies and a pair of bootcut (these look the best on most figures, I think)

4. Black pumps

These are great for any outfit really. Paired with skinnies or a dress, they are simple and virtually flawless. I am also looking at nude pumps.

5. Great White Shirt

The GWS is great no matter what look you are going for. You can dress it up, go more slouchy, or lounge around at home in it. 

Those are my essentials for revamping your closet for the new year. This isn't everything you should have, but it is a good jumping off point. We need something to start with, right? 

<3 Ashley

What are must-have pieces in your closet?


  1. Those are all great pieces and they work with so many outfits which is great when you are on a budget like me.

    I finally just got for the second time a white blouse or shirt!


  2. I think all of those things are completely necessary! The only thing I would add that fits into my personal style is a really awesome leather jacket! I own two...in black and brown.

  3. Lovely post Ashley :)
    I need all girls should own these pieces,definitely!
    Thanks for your sweet comment,I followed back!
    Have a great day!
    xo Lily


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